First 5 is focused on positive, transformative and behavioral change. We offer students, graduates and young professionals the right coaching and mentoring to enable them to design up a great career, instilling the best life skills possible that results in job satisfaction and self confidence that endures a lifetime.

We also appreciate the changing trends regarding how young people make a living – the future of work, remote work and digital lifestyles of our current generation. To that end, we offer virtual coaching, bootcamps and workshops wherever you are.

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Our Offering Includes:

Coaching Packages

Comprehensive coaching programs focused on developing a skills management plan, keyed to target careers and professional tracks.

Career Assessments

We offer key career assessments such as EQ360, etc, based upon the coachee’s unique goals and circumstances.

Strengths Finder

We integrate the Gallup’s Clifton Strengths Finder to discover your strengths and opportunities in your career and life.


We offer key early-career affinity groups led by Jennifer that encourage open conversation in a supportive environment.


The First 5 virtual offering means you can now experience coaching, mentoring and career guidance wherever you are in the world.