First 5 ‘Jump Start’ Package

Two to three 45-minute phone sessions, plus the coachee can email Jennifer whenever they need to with questions or updates.

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First 5 Deep Dive Package

A longer term comprehensive coaching program focused on developing a skills management plan, keyed to target careers and professional tracks.

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First 5 Internship Coaching

A program focused on developing a customized internship success plan so you can thrive in your new workplace.

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First 5 Career Assessments

An ofering where Jennifer administers one or more key assessments e.g. EQ360, etc, based upon the coachee’s unique goals and circumstances.

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First 5 Strengths Finder

Integrating the Gallup’s Clifton Strengths Finder to discover your strengths and opportunities for career and life.

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First 5 Bootcamps

Early-career affinity groups led by Jennifer that encourage open conversation in a supportive environment.

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