Our Students’ Coaching ofering is designed for individuals who wish to identify the career options that match their “career personality” with a view to making better further educational choices or identifying the right career pathways for them once they complete high school or university.

We offer:

  • Virtual and/or face-to-face coaching sessions with Jennifer
  • Career Assessments and Strengths Finder sessions designed to help you identify career options that you will find engaging
  • A Career Discovery report and a career action plan to keep you on track
  • Occupational research toolbox to help you learn more about the careers most suitable to you
  • Access to career links, blogs and information

As a result of completing this program you will have identified a number of career options you are interested in and you will have developed a tool box and plan that will enable you to explore these options in more detail to identify the ones you are best suited to.

First 5 is about focusing on what matters
‘First 5 with Jennifer Koller’ empowers you with the smarts to navigate the foundational years of your career, helping you to set the vision and clarify the direction for your life, enhance your experience and cultivate crucial skills to last you a lifetime by working on what matters the most for your future.

First 5 will empower you to:

  • Understand and develop your emotional intelligence
  • Invest in yourself
  • Think freely
  • Make your voice heard
  • Be mindful and purposeful
  • Build a strong network of support
  • Have a positive impact on the world
  • Tap into your natural innovative talent
  • Grow your communication skills
  • Practice more independence
  • Build your resilience and ability to overcome adversity
  • Boost your confidence in your ability to succeed

All within a discreet working relationship of trust and compassion that allows you to thrive, flourish and evolve.

Our Offering Includes:

Coaching Packages

Comprehensive coaching programs focused on developing a skills management plan, keyed to target careers and professional tracks.

Career Assessments

We offer key career assessments such as EQ360, etc, based upon the coachee’s unique goals and circumstances.

Strengths Finder

We integrate the Gallup’s Clifton Strengths Finder to discover your strengths and opportunities in your career and life.


We offer key early-career affinity groups led by Jennifer that encourage open conversation in a supportive environment.